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Get Started

Give us a call at 320.420.1351 or send us some information about you and your video needs and we'll get back to you shortly!

3 Easy Steps

Complicated is not something we’ll see in a testimonial from you. We’ll keep everything clear and transparent as part of our video process. After our initial consultation we’ll turn your ideas into a written proposal to start the process of creating your custom video.  Then we’ll shoot your video on location or in our studio. Last we’ll give you our famous post production marketing checklist to ensure you get the most value possible out of your video.

1. Consultation:

An Initial free 30 minute meeting to discuss and understand your goals with video. We think of a video as a 3 dimensional object that can go many ways from funny to informative. It’s paramount to send the right message to your audience. It’s Your Story, Let’s Share It, is our slogan and your company is unique, it’s our job to find out why and translate it to video.

2. Production:

Scripting, Shooting and Editing. This is where we get out all of our futuristic HD gadgets, sliders and lights to record your video. After it’s captured we’ll take it into our Mac based computers for editing, audio mixing, color correction and do all the necessary things to mold your video into a finished product.

3. Post-Production Marketing

Marketing your video. It is our job to give you a great video and the tools to promote it. Once it’s left our hands you can expect to spend a little time promoting your new video. It is vital that you take action to get your video in front of the right people. You have the unique knowledge from inside your business to make those connections that we can not.


Working with Tony Smith was a great experience and delight.  He was reliable, resourceful, accommodating to scheduling demands, and offered many practical yet impressive suggestions for the documentary project.  He was able to make a complex project incrementally doable and displayed commitment to see it through.  Tony always kept me informed throughout the process.  He is a talented videographer with business sense to get the job done within the budget and expectations.  I would highly recommend Tony Smith for video projects and look forward to working with him again!
LuAnn Drazkowski, Account Manager with Moxie Media