Successful video campaign for!
When we first learned of Stamp-n-Storage we had a lot of questions about his products. Stamp-n-Storage manufactures a wide assortment of organizational products for paper crafters and is currently selling them exclusively online. After working with Brett and his team and releasing the first round of promotional few videos it was clear that he had an incredible product and knew exactly how to target his market and get our videos in front of his customers. The videos have allowed his online customers to have a more hands on feel for what his products can do in their own homes and what they look like. Brett gave us a great testimonial;

Early in my efforts as an online retailer, I recognized the value that professionally produced videos would have to my customers.  It would allow them to connect with the product in ways that couldn’t be achieved with still photography.  A friend recommended FRF Productions, and I gave Tony a call.  Throughout the entire process he was excellent to work with, listening to and taking my suggestions when appropriate and diplomatically offering better alternatives when needed.  The results have been fantastic.  Tony has a knack for keeping the video tight, concise and visually appealing.  I regularly hear from my customers that they appreciate the quality of videos available on my e-commerce website.  I’ve gone back to FRF productions for updates as my product line has evolved and new products are released, and Tony ensures that all the videos maintain a consistent look.  I’ll keep going back to Tony as my business grows!

-Brett Haugen

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