Up Up & Away! Aerial Video Platform

frf productions car yellow mazda protege 5 gopro hobbistar hobbicoWell we’ve been working for a couple months on developing an aerial video/photography platform and we are in the final stages of testing. It’s been a long road with many late nights tinkering inside the tiny fuselage of an R/C Airplane. This is a short update on our progress.

We started off trying to fix up an older gas powered R/C airplane that’s been sitting in the attic for a few years. We dusted the cob webs off and got to work installing a new more powerful engine and mounted a small HD GoPro camera underneath the belly of the plane.

frf productions gopro on r/c airplane with retractable landing gearWe took it out for a test flight just to see how it worked. After checking the footage we realized we were onto something and it could work really well with a few revisions. The plane suprisingly functioned really well with the added weight and drag from the camera. The only problem we noticed was when the plane’s engine is at low idle it vibrates and shakes the camera, but anything over 1/4 throttle and everything was crisp and clear.

With the success on the old plane we decided to buy a new plane. A few reasons went into that decision. First the old plane had seen it’s fair share of trees and hard crashes over the years, we wanted a clean new looking aviation machine to show up on shoots with.hutchinson mn sunset from rc airplane with gopro by frf productions
Second the plane we purchased has a larger wing span which means it can take off faster and it’s flight is much more stable in turbulant air giving us the best chance of getting high quality footage. Lastly we wanted retractable landing gear, the front wheel was in the picture every time and was a bit distracting to say the least.

We took a lot of time retro fitting the new plane into a tail dragger versus the original 3 wheels on the nose style. We added larger diameter wheels to help take off and land on rough ground. Installed 2 new servo’s, One will allow us to remotely tilt the camera while in flight. The second servo will actuate the retractable landing gear we installed. Again, The reason we went with retractable landing gear is to eliminate any parts of the aircraft being in the picture.

Foam airplane with gopro attached

Lets be honest, this wasn’t our first attempt…

The R/C Airplane and It’s camera set up is capable of taking HD Video and High Res Photography. Possible uses are in a sense endless with this set up. We have been contracted to do fly overs of a Farm house for an aerial photo, Lake house photos, and Video of tractors planting in the fields.


With the addition to stabilized flight from Quad copters over the past few years we are able to capture some amazing footage.

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