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2014 Demo Reel

2014 marks our 4th year in business. Over the past 2 years we have been averaging around 300 videos for 65+ clients each year. With all of those videos we pull out some of our best clips and put them together as a promotional video for new and current clients to view what we’ve been up to over the past 12 months. We learn a lot from our clients and appreciate each and every one of them!

Thank you for viewing,

Tony Smith

What Motivates You – America’s Fitness Center

We have had the opportunity to work with America’s Fitness Center over the past couple years. A couple months ago Ian the owner came to me with a video he really liked. It was a European commercial for a transit Bus. A pretty ordinary object that in 60 seconds of video made the bus  ‘Cool’. Ian approached me with the idea to come up with something a little bit more unique than the standard videos we had been working on promoting the club. So we sat down with AFC’s management team and sketched out some crazy ideas and this is the video we came up with! We want to thank everyone who took time out of their personal and business life to allow us to capture them in the moment.

2013 Aerial Harvesting

Quick little teaser of the 2013 Aerial harvesting footage from central Minnesota. There were 10-15 mph winds on this day but we managed to capture some very cool shots of the harvesters rolling. Footage has not been stabilized.

Hutchinson Health – Advancing Health

Hutchinson Health is dedicated to advancing the health of our patients and our community.

Health care is a team effort. Thank you to the physicians and staff for all you do every day to contribute to that effort. Most importantly, thank you to the patients and community who support us in our mission.

Our team joins together to deliver excellent care supported by evidence-based medical science, provide a caring, personal experience for each patient, foster a workplace where all can grow and thrive, lead in promoting health and wellness with our community, and create innovative models of care.

Visit to learn more about our team.and our partnerships with top primary and specialty care physicians.

2013 Demo Reel

Our 2013 demo reel is a compilation of the last 12 months of what we’ve been up too. From Monster Energy Supercross to promoting children’s toys.

2012/2013 Hutchinson Showstoppers Dance Team

The 2012/2013 Hutchinson Showstoppers Dance Team performance. The Showstoppers are Conference Champs, had a Section 3AA 3rd Place Finish and had Back-to-Back State Performances.

We had the girls perform their routine two times. During each dance we had 7 cameras set up at different angles inside the gymnasium. It lead to 14 unique video tracks to use during editing (around 25 GB of data) which was a bit of a nightmare for the computer to render! One challenge we faced was color correction during editing, having used 3 seperate DSLR’s (Canon 5D mark iii, Canon 60D, and Canon t3i) 3 GoPro’s (2 Hero 2’s, 1 Hero 3) and a Canon XHA1s. The gym had a lot of yellow in the background and each camera’s white balanced and exposure were slightly differently from one another. We had to blend each camera’s video to look similar throughout the final video using up to 6 color correction effects.

This project took around 40-45 man hours to complete. We would like to thank the Showstoppers dance team for their performance, Head Coach – Stephanie Kutter, Assistant Coach – Michelle Anderson, Asst. Camera – Brett haugen, and Asst. Camera – Austin Hamre for volunteering their time for the project!

-Tony with FRF Productions

AFC – LuAnn

We all have the power within us to change our lives. Have you unleashed yours?

Insight into LuAnn’s amazing journey to become healthy.
Check out for more information

AFC – Roman “The Mental Struggle” Part 1 of 3

At America’s Fitness Center Roman joined the AFC’s Fitness Program challenge over a year ago and it changed his life. He’s lost over 80 pounds, and Inches off his waist size. Check out for more information.

Seed Shortage Strategy – Rod Osthus (R.C. Thomas Company)

Is there a seed shortage in your territory this year or do you just have a shortage of certain popular varieties?

Many seed sellers are scrambling right now to try to satisfy their over anxious customers as they are ready to start planting or have already started.

If you are experiencing uncertainty with certain varieties and inventory don’t just sit there and take what is given to you.

Want to increase your seed sales? Pack your bags for summer CAMP
Instead, make sure you take action and have a plan to address this so-called seed shortage in your sales territory.

In this week’s webisode of Seed Seller Training TV you will learn what your Seed Shortage Strategy needs to be.