Ice Out 3 day Time lapse on Belle Lake 2012!

AK Ice Races

R/C Airplane over Hutchinson, MN

Hutchinson’s Spooky Sprint 5K Run!

Garrett Hansen Promo

Pit Biking at the Mraz Compound

MCX Turbo Kawi Studded on the ice

Our Highest YouTube Viewed Video

This is our highest viewed video on YouTube closing in on 400,000 views alone! Reid Skips water on his dirtbike just north of Hutchinson, MN


Heavy Rain in Hutch 8/1/11

Quick Timelapse of a rain storm in Hutchinson, Mn on 8/1/11 from the headquarters of the world famous FRF Productions.

Tony Smith City Scape

City Scape by: Tony Smith with FRF Productions. A day in the life of a camera man and concrete.