C&A Pro Skis BX Product Launch

C&A Pro Skis approached us with a tight time frame to create an interactive and engaging video to promote their approaching BX Snowmobile Ski product launch for an event at the Snowbarrons Haydays Grass Drags in the fall of 2013. At the time of making this video the ski was still in production and we did not have a finished product to video tape so we took an animated approach to show the features of their new product. Working closely with C&A’s design team we were able to capture some 3D modeling to incorporate into the video. Since it was late summer, we also used stock riding footage from last season to open the video. We kept the video high energy as there was a lot of items to cover in 60 seconds. We were happy to complete the video in time for their upcoming show and help them release their highly anticipated now BX ski!