Gaui 500X GoPro in Mazatlan, Mexico!

We put together a very informal video of our quad copter ariel video/photo platform. “The Window Test” was performed while on vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico in Jan of 2013. Our Gaui 500x quadcopter can carry a ¬†GoPro Hero 3 Black edition, The GoPro has the ability to shoot HD Video or take High Def pictures while in flight. We have been working on ariel video/photography for about a year now and we are finally starting to have some success in capturing very unique points of view with this set up. We feel there is a growing need for this type of camera rig on our shoots. It gives us a different perspective from the normal tripod style of filming and is a real asset on certain projects.

This picture was taken in Mazatlan, Mexico looking back towards the hotel we were staying at. We flew the Gaui out over the ocean, turned it around and took this picture. It was around 300ft in the air and 200 feet from shore.


-Tony with FRF Productions