Corporate Video

Marketing your business through video is more affordable than ever. When you work with FRF Productions we’ll take your ideas and turn them into reality. After your video is finished we give you the marketing tools to help your video gather the attention it deserves after it’s released.

We take a transparent, hands on approach to each and every video. Our focus is to work closely with you and just like our slogan says. “It’s your story, Lets Share It” You know your company better than anyone else, we take time to learn about your company and what makes you different than your competition.

We offer a variety of video styles and no two are alike.

Social Media Video

This is by far the most popular video we have been creating this past year. If you looking to get noticed through your Social Media sites this is a great place to start.
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Marketing Video

Marketing videos are a great addition to your newspaper ads and other forms of advertising that your already currently doing. You have a client base that is looking for fresh content, Give them more through video!
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Product Demonstration

A picture can say a thousand words but video talks. Working closely with clients we take the time to understand your product, and how it works. We are able to turn around and answer those questions through a well made video giving your clients an audio and visual demonstration of your unique product.
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Training Video

Need to train new employees? Want to show a customer how to assemble your product? Video is a great way to get your message across. Combining the audio and visual experience will get your message across twice as fast.
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Video Resume

A new way of being on top is to do a video resume. Everyone hands in a paper copy of their well laid out, spell checked document. But video can connect and identify who you are as a person. We typically keep these simple and short at 60 seconds.
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